Accounting Services
maintain financial transactions for our clients


Our goal is to record and maintain financial transactions for our client; reconcile our client’s accounts on a timely basis. We provide a daily transaction record, provide quarterly records to stockholders and taxing authorities, and provide yearly summaries for annual reports. We use different accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Excel to support our client’s financial transactions. Help generate our client’s financial reports such as Income Statements, Balance and Statement of Cash flows; We help perform mock audits to prepare our client for any government audit. Every accounting system must be periodically audited to ensure that all transactions are accounted for in legal ways.  We perform various reporting functions projections and actual figures, such as Break-Even Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Profit & Loss Statement, Financial Statement, and many others.

  • We provide healthcare, Accounting, Auditing and tax compliance Services
  • Healthcare & Financial mock auditing services: Medicare & Medicaid recipients- prepare against OIG Audit
  • Financial statement preparation and book setup using QuickBooks, and Excel templates
  • Business Incorporations and filings
  • Business Plan construction
  • 501 C (3) IRS charity certification Services
  • Brochures and Catalog Design including technical, CNA., Colleges and University course catalogs and brochures